Suspension Condition

Exhibition by Teresa & Andrzej Welmiskis




2-19 April 2019


238-246 King Street

London W6 0RF


‘Suspension Condition’ showcases the works of Teresa and Andrzej Welminski. They present the original objects, machines and installations, originally made for their theatre spectacles. 

The objects cross into different forms of art, they sit on the border of different worlds and different levels of understanding; some can be seen as models, grown up toys, archaic horror chambers in which the objects are traps. In others, absurd, irony, circus and humour dominates. On the whole, they form a certain kind of theatre of objects and machines in itself.

The objects and performance actions lack narrative, they exist on their own, suspended without a story. Those objects become relicts of a sort, remains, fragments entangled in associations and allusions. Before, they functioned in the real world of theatre, now they are in suspended condition…

Taken out of their original context, they claim a new existence….

Each has its own history, its own inner sense, a tension and meaning.

The aim of this exhibition is to expose their independence.

The drawings and graphics provide additional comment, together with fragments of spectacles to which these objects belong.

‘Objects and costumes must be works of art, not decorations to be thrown out on the rubbish heap after a theatre play….’

Teresa & Andrzej Wełmińskis are multidisciplinary artists whose practice spans drawing, painting, photography, object, and installations. Actors and members of Tadeusz Kantor’s Cricot 2 Theatre company. They are also well-known theatrical creators.

Andrzej Welminski was born in Krakow in 1952 and studied in the Graphics Faculty of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1977. Associated with the Foksal Gallery (debut in 1970 as Anonymou Artist)and the Krzysztofory Gallery. Teresa Welminska was born in Krakow in 1954 and studied at Collegium Medicum, Krakow. She worked, inter alia, in a Mental Health Clinic. In the 1970s, they started collaborating with Tadeusz Kantor and became members of the Cricot 2 Theater, since then they participated in all the subsequent activities and performances of the experimental theatre company until the death of its founder, Tadeusz Kantor, in 1990.

Teresa and Andrzej have been instrumental in developing the work of the company since Kantor’s death, and in 1991 they staged the “Homage” that marked the first anniversary of his passing. Working as theater directors staged their own independent projects: Manjacs or Their Master's voice (1993); America or Don't Look Back (1995); The Motion Demon (1996); The Slaughterhouse according to Mrożek (1997); Da liegt der Hund begraben (1997); Traumatikon (2011); Flammarion (2011); Pages from the Book of… (2012); Against Notingness or 3 cm Above an Empty Head… (2014); Transylvania Sketches or Melancholy of the Black Egg (2015); Straw Hieroglyphs (2015); Et in Arcadia Ego (2015); Hubble Bubble and other Persian Miniatures (2017);The Comet (2017); Limbo (2019) among others

The performances were presented at the international festivals in Avignon, Sao Paulo, Rome, Valladolid, Cagliari, Edinburgh, Bratislava, Moscow, Sibiu, Chisinau, Tehran, among others.

In parallel with artistic activity, Teresa and Andrzej Welminski conduct educational activities. They cooperate with theaters and theatrical schools in various regions of the world (Yale University, Luca Drama Leuven in Belgium, University of Washington, La MaMa Umbria, Loughborough University, Stuttgart, Romainmotier, Rote Fabryk in Zurich, Scuola Teatro Dimitri Verscio, Loughborough University, UK, University of Washington, USA, Rose Bruford College in London, University of Tehran and other places), conducting lectures and workshops on history, theory and stage practice.

Currently, they live and work in Sobolów near Kraków in Poland.

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