Polish Artist at Photo London

Natalia LL in Somerset House


18-21 May
Somerset House
Photo London - Stand A6

Presented for the first time in London, Roman Road gallery’s solo booth will feature Natalia LL’s TAK, an installation comprising photographic assemblages of painted lips pronouncing ‘tak’ (the Polish word for ‘yes’) alongside a visual representation of the written word.

The 1970s was a pivotal decade in Natalia LL career and our display will provide a timeline of the artist’s practice, showcasing some of her most important works made during this period. The hanging of the booth has been specially curated with each wall presenting a different series or work in order of their production year.  As visitors enter the stand, they will be immediately confronted with Natalia LL’s TAK (1971) on the left wall. The back wall will present her Słowo (1971), a large-scale photographic assemblage made in the same year, which further explores her interest in words as visual objects. The right wall will feature a unique assemblage of a work from Natalia LL’s Consumer Art (1972) while a photograph from her later Post-Consumer Art (1975) series will be seen as visitors turn to exit the space.




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