London Design Biennale

A Matter of Things


4-23 September 2018
London Design Biennale
Somerset House
London WC2R 1LA

In 2018, Polish design will be represented by an installation investigating the phenomenology of human emotion. A selection of ten objects chosen from Polish history will reflect how these everyday items arouse strong feelings and explain their association with collective Polish euphoria, joy, anger or despair.

The items chosen will resonate strongly with the Polish psyche, but as emblems, not necessarily obviously or rationally linked to the events they accompanied. Today, in an era of intercontinental migration, it is still – and perhaps increasingly – necessary to decrypt the meaning of things in order to be familiar with the cultural codes of a given community or nation.

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Administering Body: The Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Designers: (Exhibition and Object Design) Szpunar Studio, Noodi Design, (Illustrations and Graphic Design) Michał Loba
Curator: Małgorzata Wesołowska

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