'Ha-Tichona' Trio Mikolaj Trzaska

Photo: Piotr Wołoszyk

Birmingham 27 May, 
Club Fizzles,
The Station,
7 High St Kings Heath,
Birmingham B14 7BB,
West Midlands, 

London 28 May,
Jazz Cafe POSK,
238-246 King Street,
Londyn W6 0RF,

Newcastle 29 May,
Castle Garth,
Newcastle NE1 1RQ, 
Tickets: £7 (£5 concessions), 
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Ha-Tichona Trio
(heb. inner ear)

Mikołaj Trzaska – sax, bass clarinet (Poland)
Olie Brice - double bass (Israel, Great Britain)  
Mark Sanders - drums (Great Britain)

Mikołaj Trzaska – born in Gdańsk, virtuoso saxophonist, bass clarinetist and composer, grew out of yass: a socio-artistic movement that in the 80s/90s opposed the rigidity of Polish jazz environment. Together with Tymon Tymański and a group of other musicians free from any doctrine they changed the image of Polish jazz music.

Trzaska was the co-founder of the most important yass group – legendary Miłość and of as creative Łoskot. Although the impetus of yass faded away many years ago, he became the leader of national improvisation scene. After the yass period he recorded a few concentrated and quiet albums with the section of Oleś brothers. He also accompanied poets – Świetlicki and Andrukhovych, he created muical – literary projects with Andrzej Stasiuk. Today he is the leader of international trio Volumen and the member of among others Resonance of Ken Vandermark, Magic – Joe McPhee or Shofar trio with Raphael Rogiński and Macio Moretti – playing Jewish music. But above all he realizes himself in the radical contemporary free jazz. He travels around the world cooperating with personalities of world improvisation among others with Peter Brötzmann, Joe McPhee, Ken Vandermak, Peter Friis Nielsen, Clementine Gasser, Pete Ole Jorgensen, Michael Zerang, Franz Houtzinger, Jay Rosen, Domik Duval, Mark Sanders. He has recorded around thirty albums.

In his new musical project “Ha-Tichona” he connected hasidic music and the idea of free improvised jazz. The goal is to revive traditional Jewish music, which was a way of religious experience. Such improvisation with strong influence of hasidic melodies is trying to cause a mystical state, restoring music its basic role – connecting community in religious experience. Other members of trio include:
Mark Sanders  – part of 90s London jazz scene. Together with Paul Rogers play as a  rhythm section. He gave concerts and recorded with bands of Evan Parker and Elton Dean, Georg Grawe,  Hellene Labarierre, as well as in NATO label projects, alongside Native American, Spanish and Moroccan musicians. Records with groups of dub-rock bass player Jah Wrobble, with Ronnie Drew from „The Dubliners” and latin-american musicians from „Molam Lao”. His interest in electro-acoustic music connected him with Pate Thomas, John Wall, Springheel Jack. He is an author of more than 100 recordings and a visiting professor of improvisation at Royal Academy of Arts.

Olie Brice  – jazz improviser, who have always dreamt about playing on a double bass. Known for his work with Evan Parker, Paul Dunmall, Mark Sanders or Steve Noble. Plays klezmer and balkan music. Currently is engaged in „Oi Va Voi”, „Shekoyakh” and „The Magic Trombolinos” groups.

For more information please visit: www.trzaska.art.pl

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