The Death of the Fronsac by Neal Ascherson

First novel by the eminent journalist and historian, author of The Polish August



The Death of the Fronsac
By Neal Ascherson
Published by Zeus Head / Apollo
Publication date: August 2017
ISBN 978-1786694379
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This is an unforgettable recreation of life in wartime, and of the tragic fate of Poland in the twentieth century: a novel about sabotage, betrayal and the terrible sadness of exile.

In 1940, during the Phoney War, a French destroyer blows up in the Firth of Clyde. The disaster is witnessed by Jackie, a young girl who, for a time, thinks she caused the explosion by running away that day from school; by her mother Helen, a spirited woman married to a dreary young officer; and by a Polish officer, whose country has just been erased from the map by Hitler and Stalin. Their lives, and the lives of many others, are changed by the death of the Fronsac.

This is a story about divided loyalties, treachery and exile; about people in flight from the destinies that seemed to be theirs before the war disrupted the world they knew.

'A wayward story told with admirable vigour and intensity'
– The National.

'A story that conjures up memorable characters and describes vividly the wartime atmosphere ... an engrossing book'
– Greenock Telegraph.

'Ambitious and affecting'
– Sunday Herald.

Neal Ascherson is a journalist and writer. He reported from Asia, Africa and Central Europe for the Observer. He contributes regularly to the New York Review and the LRB. His books include Black Sea, Games with Shadows and The Polish August.

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