Nam Thar – Journey, Love, Liberation by Lena Leonteva and Marzena Popławska

An epic journey across 2500 years, India, Nepal, Tibet and England



Nam Thar - Journey, Love, Liberation
By Lena Leonteva and Marzena Popławska
Published by Moma Film Foundation
Publication date: February 2018
ISBN: 978-83-949355-1-1
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The project called Nam Thar - Journey Love Liberation represents the history of Buddhism as though seen with the eyes of many figures, both historical and imagined.

Nam Thar might be a story of everyone, who experiences a full range of emotions in one’s life. One deals pretty well with some of them, and indulges in other emotions, or loses one- self in them. We see the person who loves and hates, feels sadness and longing, fights fear and anger, and overcomes their weakness finally. Does it sound like a story of many of us? Do we not seek things in life like inspiration and examples, so as to fight our imperfections and learn more about our inner world? NAM THAR is a story of a man’s life, but also a book that leads us through a winding path towards complete liberation.

Nam Thar not only answers the question, but it is also an epic journey, which takes us along faraway routes across India, Nepal, Tibet, and England. Together with the main character named Aria and his beloved Sonali, we overcome many obstacles and live through the five life- times leading towards the desired state of mind — liberation. The lovers’ story takes more than 2500 years, from the 6 century BC until 20 century AC. During their journey, Aria and Sona- li meet renowned Buddhist masters and gradually get to know secrets of working with mind. Thus, they learn how to fight demons: both inner and outer.

Well, then look straight at your love. You are full of thoughts about the past, about the body of your partner, how good it felt when you were together and what she told you. You are also full of thoughts about the future — hoping to stretch your hand forward through the veil of time, trying to feel the future in search of guarantees that some of your dreams and expectations will come true. Try not to do that. Let go of the past and the future events. Immerse yourself in the feeling of love itself and dissolve in it.”

Nam Thar is a novel written by scientist Lena Leonteva and filmmaker Marzena Popławska. Thanks to the combination of two minds and temperaments, we get the book, which is a literary experiment but also gives us some insight into the real history of Buddhism. The authors creat- ed a kind of Buddhist myths that presents the historical background of the birth and develop- ment of the Buddhism doctrine itself as well as the Buddhist masters of that time. At the same time, we are thrilled to the story of the main characters.

In five lives the four main characters — three warriors (Arya, Kirti and Sudeva) and a dancing girl named Sonali — come in contact with one another in various relations, overcoming difficult obstacles on the path of revealing the secret of liberation.

The expression “Nam Thar” means “complete liberation”*. The Tibetans use it thinking about biographies of the great Buddhist masters. Most of all, they are the stories of development of the minds that eventually reach enlightenment.

Lena Leonteva is a Diamond Way Buddhist teacher, studied Mathematics and History. She also graduated from the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute (KIBI), New Delhi, with a diploma in Buddhist Studies. Following Lama Ole Nydahl 's wishes and with Marzena's help, Lena turned her PhD in History dissertation into a beautifully illustrated Nam Thar book.

Marzena Popławska (graduated from the University of Silesia's Krzysztof Kieslowski Radio and Television Faculty in Katowice, Poland) is a producer and founder of MOMA FILM company. After seeing her work with Buddhist Art and bringing it to life, 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje said "I have always wished that someone would do something like that..."

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