London Book Fair 2020

Polish sessions at the major event for book industry


Tuesday 10 -  Thursday 12 March 2020

Olympia London

Hammersmith Rd


London W14 8UX



How Translators Work with Agents and Editors

Tuesday 10 Mar 2020, 2.30 PM

Literary Translation Centre

oin Polish-English translator Sean Gasper Bye, agent Nermin Kalem, and Amazon Crossing senior editor Liza Darnton for a lively and informative discussion of how translators work with agents and editors through the life-cycle of a book, from conception through production and after publication. A savvy understanding of how these roles work together to bring an author’s work to an English-language audience is key to both a rewarding working relationship as well as creating a great book with potential for great success. Moderated by Porter Anderson of Publishing Perspectives.


Sean Gasper Bye - Speaker, Translator

Nerim Kalem - Speaker, Agent

Liza Darnton - Speaker, Senior Editor Amazon Crossing

Porter Anderson - Speake, Editor-in-Chief Publishing Perspectives


Witchers, Hunters and Dealers: Polish Books as an Inspiration for Cinema

Wednesday 11 Mar 2020, 4PM

Apex Room

Polish literature seems to be especially attractive for movie and TV producers lately – both internationally and domestically.

For the last few years, film makers have been finding an excellent material in several books by Polish authors, creating a visible trend. Among them, there are adaptations of award-winning literary novels (e.g. SPOOR by Agnieszka Holland, based on Nobel prize winner Olga Tokarczuk’s prose), as well as commercial blockbusters (e.g. THE WITCHER series by Netflix, starring Henry Cavill – adapted from Andrzej Sapkowski’s books). The authors are often involved, as in the case of Jakub Żulczyk, who worked on the screenplay for BLINDED BY THE LIGHTS (ŚLEPNĄC OD ŚWIATEŁ) by HBO (the UK edition of the novel is premiering in March 2020 in Legend Press).

Several other films and series can be mentioned as well, based on books by such Polish writers as Szczepan Twardoch, Wacław Holewiński, Wojciech Chmielarz, or Remigiusz Mróz. Consequently, collaboration between film and book industry is getting more and more attention. What are the hottest titles already adapted into a film or TV series, and which are a perfect material yet to discover? What made them so attractive for movie makers? Why such a trend was born and what comes next? How do film producers find books to adapt? What are they looking for? How publishers and agents can start collaboration?

This session has been organised by the Polish Book Institute.


Błażej Hrapkowicz - Speaker, Presenter, Film Critic, Artistic Director CINEMAFORUM Festival

Monika Regulska - Speaker, Literary Agent, Owner Authors’ Syndicate Li&Script Agency

Ewa Bolińska-Gostkowska - Speaker, Foreign Rights Manager, Senior Editor Znak Publishing House


Less Waste Book Fairs Around the Globe: A Utopia or a Must?

Wednesday 11 Mar 2020, 5.30PM

Club Room - National Hall Gallery

Many of us, exhibitors, experience something that can be called a post-fair melancholy. After all the noise and excitement ends, and before we leave to catch our (CO2 producing) plane, we watch how so many materials, items and tools are being thrown away – often used only once, for a brief period of time. Eco-shaming is obviously not the goal here. Being no expert, but rather a participant of the industry and of many shows, we would like to start a discussion: in the era of climate change, is there anything we – visitors and organizers of book fairs – can change as well? Is it possible to reduce waste, excess of paper, and disposable plastic, without hurting our business?


This seminar is organised by the Polish Book Institute.


Ines Bachor - Speaker, PR Manager Frankfurter Buchmesse

Katie Morris - Speaker, Event Manager London Book Fair

Zuzanna Oettingen - Speaker, Project Manager International Book Fair in Krakow

Make European Literature Cross Frontiers with the European Prize for Literature

Thursday 12 March 2020, 10:00 AM

English PEN Literary Salon

Europe has a rich literature yet it is not sufficiently available outside of the natural borders of one’s language. The Prize organised by authors (European Writers Council), publishers (Federation of European Publishers) and booksellers (European and International Booksellers Federation) puts the spotlight on talents from 41 European countries and help to get them translated into many languages. Two of the 2019 laureates, Marta Dzido (Poland) and Haska Shyyan (Ukraine) will share their experiences and possibly meet some of their future publishers at the London Book Fair.

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