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Speaking another language is one of the coolest skills to have and as Polish is the second most spoken language in the UK, it’s great to know a bit of it. The best way to catch up some Polish is to learn
with Fun Kids Radio that has created a brand new kids’ guide called Robot’s Polish Power Pack. How exciting!

Following the success of Learn Polish series broadcasted since five years Fun Kids Radio and Polish Cultural Institute have released new episodes featuring Robot from the Fun Kids Breakfast Show who learns
Polish. New video content is also available at Fun Kids YouTube and iTunes channels to help you master your first Polish language phrases and words. Please click here: Learn Polish.

All episodes will introduce children to useful Polish words and phrases across a wide range of topics. The series aims to encourage children to learn the Polish language and broaden their knowledge of
different cultures and people.

Delivering educational content that inspires and engages children is a key focus for Fun Kids, with a critically acclaimed catalogue ranging from topics as diverse as engineering through to microbiology. The
Polish community has become a significant part of the United Kingdom, with over 1 million living in the UK, including many children attending school. The new series of Learn Polish and introduction of
video content will give children the chance to learn this popular language rarely taught in school and discover more about the culture and customs of their Polish school friends.

Fun Kids plays a mix of music, stories and competitions for the whole family everyday on DAB Digital Radio across London and the South East, online at funkidslive.com and through the Radioplayer.

Learn some of the most used words and phrases including greetings, directions, animals and loads more...

So whether you want to say good morning – dzień dobry – or ask for a tasty pastry – drożdżówka – you’ll be able to hear exactly how it should be pronounced.

Read more about Learn Polish with Fun Kids here.

Watch Learn Polish with Fun Kids YouTube videos here.

Supported and co-produced by the Polish Cultural Institute in London.

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