The Winged Hussars

A spectacular Polish Hussars Horse Show




26-28 August
Royal Armouries Museum
Armouries Drive
LS10 1LT Leeds

Royal Armouries is proud to present a spectacular horse show, featuring the Winged Hussars, a crack team of fast-riding, sharp-shooting, sabre-rattling cavalrymen from Poland.

The show will feature the traditional uniforms and military skills of the Winged Hussars, who were considered to be the elite of the 17th-century Polish cavalry. It will include displays of mounted drill exercises showcasing the horsemen’s skills with sabres, lances and pistols.

We are particularly pleased to welcome back to Leeds two warriors who are well known to tournament fans, Jan Gradon and Jarek Struczyński, who won the team trophy at the Royal Armouries Easter Tournament in 2016. As our own Knight-in-Residence Andy Deane commented ‘these guys ride their horses so fast you’d think they’d stolen them!’

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The official name of this amazing group of riders is Hussar Banner of the Marshall of Pomorskie Voivodeship. They are based in northern Poland, in the castle town of Gniew, some 60 km south of Gdańsk. They are the largest and most experienced re-enactment society bringing to life the exploits of Poland’s 17th-century ‘Winged Hussars’ and are often invited to participate in official pageants marking important events in Poland’s history, such as National Independence Day or the country’s Constitution Day. The Hussars are, not surprisingly, also in high demand for film and television work.

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