Shortwaves Short Film Festival comes to London

A showcase of Polish short films screens in Dalston




Saturday 27 April, 1.30pm

Rio Cinema
107 Kingsland High Street
London E8 2PB
Tickets: £5
Box office: 020 7241 9410
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A showcase of Polish short films comes to London for the third time. Last year the screenings took place in 45 cities accross 8 countries, and were attended by 5000 viewers who casted their casted their votes for the best short film. Come and decide which film should win the Grand Prix this year!


1. SHAPE Przemysław Adamski, Katarzyna Kijek / 2013 / 3’
Second life of memories that for a moment stop being features of nostalgia. They start coming in shape, katachi, in the video clip. A speeding parade of two thousand elements summarises the story of a great journey and creates a certain catalogue of postcards that sends greetings in a breakneck pace from the world of imagination.  

2. THE GUARDIANS Krzysztof Szot / 2013 / 15’
A path in the forest is enclosed with a barrier on a rope. Next to it there is a station made of bricks. Young Marek doesn’t know how he’s got here and the old guardian might have already forgotten. Marek likes the cold of his gun made of steel because it seems as if he had a hot hand. The old man likes television because his service is over. Marek is going to stamp the furloughs and that’s the whole job. Or so it seems.  

3. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CHILDREN DON’T EAT SOUP Paweł Prewencki / 2011 / 9’
Soup allows to satisfy hunger but not child’s curiosity. Two little heroes can find satisfaction only in adventure. When they run away from the table, the grandfather decides to teach them a lesson. His spells close all the doors. An innocent fad has severe consequences. And the soup is getting cold. 

4. TO LOVE LIFE Piotr Bosacki / 2011 / 12’
The narrator reads a certain study devoted to the construction of the world. He introduces equations for mechanisms of nature and mores. Scientific arguments sometimes distract poetic vulnerability. He seems amazed. He calculates. He illustrates critically and symmetrically. Intertwining of layers creates a structure of a literary film.  

5. ALL SOULS’ DAY Aleksandra Terpińska / 2012 / 18’
It doesn’t seem suitable to be born on November 1st. However, Lena found the date suitable. On the day of her eighteenth birthday she needs to light candles not only on her birthday cake but also on a grave. She’s got used to it but this time will be different. An age-connected breakthrough evokes in her the desire to solve certain mystery. Lena decides to grow up.

6. THE GOVERNANCE OF LOVE Adela Kaczmarek / 2013 / 13’
A documentary about an unusual man or maybe a postulate of being usual. An animated philosophical treaty spoken with a common language of heart. The patient of life tells the story of his illness and depicts it with his own drawings. He saw a lot and spoke to important people. A beautiful war with Hungary is, among others, in the background.

7. SPONGE IDEAS Katarzyna Nalewajka, Paulina Szewczyk / 2011 / 5’ 
It’s not a rocket science to know that friendship between a squirrel and an octopus may be difficult. One can just imagine how difficult it gets. Out of one such attempt a video clip was made. Its characters need a couple of minutes to hit the adventure jackpot but the balance of the emotional journey seems to be negative.  

8. PHOTON Alexander Pawlik / 2011 / 5’
A particle becomes a master of the world. A particle rules. We wander with it through “everything” and doing so is going to be easier thanks to a collage of archival scientific films. The collage, edited by means of the so-called found footage creates a dynamic kaleidoscope. We’re going through an auteur metaphor of driving force that suddenly sends us into the universe from the inside of the body.

9. A MEMORY OF LAST SUMMER Kuba Gryżewski, Ivo Krankowski / 2013 / 10’
Legendary winters of the 1980s might have been severe but from time to time the temperature was surprisingly high. A seemingly prosaic episode will be a heart-warming recollection for the characters of the film. It’s a story told through the so-called steamy glass but at the same time it also sheds some light on the mystery. Love with a human blushing face.  

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