Raindance Film Festival announces first dedicated Polish film strand

Raindance Film Festival is to launch its first ever Polish Film Strand - a collection of six motion pictures designed to illustrate the breadth of the country’s ever-growing independent film landscape.






25th September - 6th October 2013  

Vue Cinema Piccadilly
19 Lower Regent St
London SW1Y 4LR
Box Office: 08712 240 242  

Monday 30 September - 8.30pm  

dir. Wladyslaw Pasikowski 107 min  
After many years living in the USA Franek Kalina returns to his viillage in Poland where he discovers the local community has an unexplained hatred towards his younger brother, Józek. Upon investigation it is revealed that Jozek has discovered and been restoring some long buried Jewish gravestones – exposing himself to the villagers’ hostility.  Both brothers are intrigued by the strong reaction to the gravestones and start digging around.  They discover a brutal truth about the history of their village, involving the older generation and including their own family.  

Wednesday 2 October - 9pm
Friday 4 October - 12.30pm
Girl With the Wardrobe

dir. Bodo Kox 89 min  
Jacek is a successful computer graphic artist who is lonely, despite being a hit with the opposite sex. His relationships rarely last long because he has to take care of his autistic brother, Tomek.Because of his mental disability, Tomek has little contact with the outside world and Jacek, who has cared for him since their parent’s death, is his only friend. Their next-door neighbor is Magda, an odd, alienated and oversensitive girl who spends her time smoking weed while shut in her wardrobe or, every now and then, attempting suicide.When one day Jacek has to rush for a business meeting he asks Magda to look after his brother. Unexpectedly Tomek and Magda find common ground and a strong relationship forms between this misfit girl and autistic boy.  

Saturday 5 October - 8pm
dir. Filip Dzierzawski 93 min  
Playing With: “The End” dir.  Ewa Chruściel  
Crazed double bass, juvenile drums, classical piano, serious sax and hot-blooded sax once joined together in true love. It’s hard to believe that the band Miłość even existed – not to mention their great popularity during the ‘90s in Poland: they played a highly alternative brand of jazz with a twist of punk rock thrown in. In his documentary debut Filip Dzierżawski shows the reunion of the band almost a decade later. At first the musicians are enthusiastic to get back together, to record and to go on tour. But this whole enterprise seems to be doomed to failure because problems that once divided Miłość are still lingering in the air. Using archival footage, the long and intertwining personal stories of the band members and – above all – the outstanding music of Miłość, he creates a 90-minute “spew of expression".  

Tuesday 1 October - 9pm
Thursday 3 October - 3pm

dir. Slawomir Fabicki 110 min.  
Maria and Tomek are a happily married couple with successful jobs, a new house and a baby on the way. It seems they have it all: career, home, family and a strong relationship. But a dramatic incident with Maria becomes the catalyst for the slow but unrelenting and painful breakup of their marriage.This intimate drama shows us an unflinchingly honest portrait of a relationship’s disintegration. We see how even the strongest relationships can fall apart when a couple suddenly lose their trust in each other; when the mutual honesty is gone. We watch them both making mistakes, taking irrational decisions they hope will help as the relationship spirals irretrievably downwards. We see how the connection between them dies, how their closeness, sense of security and ultimately their love fall apart.  

Friday 4 October - 8.15pm
The Lust Killer
dir. Marcin Koszalka, 43 min  
Playing With: “The Mother”  Dir. Łukasz Ostalski and "Ziegenort" Dir. Tomasz Popakul  
Better known to the Polish public as the ‘Vampire from Bytom’, Joachim Knychała was a Polish serial killer, who murdered six women. He was sentenced to death and hanged in 1984. Given the film’s title it’s reasonable to expect the eponymous Lust Killer will be the focus of the film and that we’ll get a gruesome dramatisation of his murders. But he’s not. It quickly appears the protagonist of the film is not the murderer himself, but human fascination with murder, sexual taboo, perverseness and dark sides of human nature.

Thursday 3 October - 8.45pm

dir. Przemysław Wojcieszek, 82 min

The first thing that we notice about Secret is its unique and provocative structure. Even though the story line is simple, the package in which that story is delivered is complex.

And the story goes: a gay drag queen performer, Ksawery, visits his grandfather Jan at his countryside house. A young Jewish girl Karolina accompanies Ksawery. Jan hides a dark secret from his past connected to the murder of two innocent Jewish people and Karolina, convinced about his guilt, wants to confront him. Ksawery also wants to know the truth, but since it is his beloved grandfather who is involved, he is scared and unsure.

Saturday 28 September at 12pm

as part of Pulp Fictions Shorts programme
The Big Leap
dir. Kristoffer Rus, 13 min

Does God exists? - everything started with this universal question that the Swedish director, Kristoffer Rus, wanted to ask in the era of a global financial crisis. With the help of pitch black humor, The Big Leap stresses the moral dilemmas that erupt when the protagonists realize that everything they have fought for is gone. They meet atop a skyscraper. They have the same intention - to commit suicide due to a major financial crisis. The conflict quickly escalates when they discover that they all represent a different conviction about the afterlife. The only way to find out who’s right is to take The Big Leap.

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