PRL de LUXE at the Memory Documentary Festival



Tue 17 Nov at 8.30 pm 
Ciné lumi?re 
17 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2DT
T. 020 7073 135
Tickets ?5 (concessions ?3)

Fri 20 Nov at 8.30 pm
Hungarian Cultural Centre 10,
Maiden Lane, Covent Garden
London, WC2E 7NA

Tue 17 Nov at 8.30pm at Cine Lumiere

Grandpa and Grandma (Lithuania, 2007) 
and PRL De Luxe (Poland, 2008) 
and Life Stories (Estonia, 2007)

Grandpa and Grandma
Gyveno Senelis Ir Bobute
Lithuania | 2007 | col | 30 mins | dir. Giedre Beinoriute | cert. TBC

Grandpa and Grandma is a documentary animation film based on the director's own grandparents life story.  Exiled to Siberia by the Soviets in 1948, they witnessed a brutal period of Lithuanian history, which is retold here through the eyes of a little girl.

Followed by:

PRL De Luxe
Poland | 2008 | col | 15 mins | dir. Edyta Wroblewska | cert. TBC
Crazy Mike from Krakow organises unusual tours for tourists from the West. He takes them to the Nowa Huta district in a clapped-out old bus, and visit relics of the past???the Stylowa restaurant, the place where Lenin?s monument used to stand, steelworks and a typical workers? flat. Along the way he tells the tourists stories about the lure of life in communist Poland and the absurdities of real socialism.

Followed by:

Life Stories
Estonia | 2007 | col | 28 mins | dir. Rao Heidmets | cert. U
Life Stories brings to the screen the lives of Estonians from the period 1920 ? 2004 through a combination of documentary film and animation. The fate of the entire people is reflected in each life story. 

An Estonian Beer will be offered to the general public from 7.30pm

Followed by Q&A with dir. Rao Heidmets & lecturer Allan Sikk

Fri 20 Nov at 8.30pm at the Hungarian Cultural Centre free

PRL De Luxe (Poland, 2008) 

and Borderline Case (Hungary, 2006)

PRL De Luxe
Poland | 2008 | col | 15 mins | dir. Edyta Wroblewska | cert. TBC

Followed by:

Borderline Case (The last victim of the Iron Curtain)
Hungary | 2006 | col | 32 mins | dir. Péter Szalay | cert. TBC

August 1989. Kurt-Werner Schulz and Gundula Schafitel and their 6-year-old son head west leaving behind their home in Weimar in the German Democratic Republic.  They plan to cross the border illegally but cannot succeed if they stay together.
Meanwhile hundreds of East German citizens cross the Hungarian and Austrian borders on the occasion of the remarkable Pan-European Picnic on 19th August 1989.


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