Polish shorts at Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival

Four Polish films screened in Bristol





17-22 September 2013

Watershed Media Centre
1 Canon's Road
Harbourside Bristol, BS1 5TX.

Festival Pass £75 (£60 for students)
Screening Pass £25

"Beach " by Pawel Prewencki
Animation, 4 min

Summer, lazy day at the beach. The wind unhurriedly turns the pages of a book read by one of the sunbathers stretching in the sand. In boiling sun the bodies seem to melt like ice lollies  Although the waves caress the sunbaked skin, there are only a few who will venture to swim. This sluggish morning will get suddenly interrupted by the lunch pause. An engaging, erotically swaying “Beach” by Prewencki is an animated impression of one summer day that brings a clear, ecological meaning.

"On/Off" by Piotr Ludwik
Animation, 7 min

Mr Potato lives in typical, Grandma's, stuffed flat. Green, awful wallpaper on the walls, TV in each room and a few mechanical improvements made not to waste time for shaving, cooking, washing up, going to buy beer. Why should you lose time if you can spend it on watching TV? So Mr Potato has everything organise, lives peacefully and devotes himself to his new passion- staring at the box. But one day...

"Rogalik" by Pawel Ziemilski
Short Fiction, 17 min

Traveling among people and objects we discover a world usually considered as ugly and unattractive. This dream-like journey is not a dream. Who are the people in this „big aquarium”? And what is our position towards them?

"Toto" Zbigniew Czapla
Animation, 12 min

A story of a sensible boy, raised by a lonely and hard working mother, somewhere in a far province, where life revolves around daily, inveterate habits. The little protagonist is being deceitfully seduced by a shady “master” and cynical collector of keys. In consequence of the mystery and rather incomprehensible events, the world of his unconcerned childhood falls apart. The boy gets lost on his way back home while his concerned mother takes up a desperate attempt of finding her little son.

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