Where in the World? Poland!

Children’s radio station Fun Kids explores Poland!


Launches 1 October, 2012, 6pm
Broadcasting weekdays 6pm, weekends 3pm
Available to download from funkidslive.com and iTunes

Fun Kids has teamed up with the Polish Cultural Institute in London to launch a brand new radio series called Where in the World? Poland! The series will introduce children to the history, culture and people of the country.

The series follows the adventurer John Iflyalot as he sets off across Poland trying to solve a series of riddles. Throughout the 10 episodes listeners will explore topics ranging from celebrations, famous people and inventions to local flora and fauna as well as legends and cuisine. Combining these adventures with humour and interesting facts, the series aims to broaden children’s knowledge and encourage them to foster a better understanding of different cultures and people.

Fun Kids is the UK’s only radio station dedicated to children aged 11 and under and their families. Broadcasting on DAB in London and the South East, and across the UK online, the station has over 180,000 listeners tuning in each week and aims to provide children with a fun and inspiring station they can call their own.

Speaking on the series, Roland Chojnacki – Director at the Polish Cultural Institute in London – has said, “The series is a great first introduction to Poland, its culture and customs for the youngest explorers. After 2004 Poles have become a substantial group in a cultural landscape of the United Kingdom with an estimated over 1 million living here currently, many of them children attending kindergartens and schools. The Polish Cultural Institute in London hopes that "Where in the world? Poland!" will not only offer a quick and fun way to get to know the culture and customs of Polish school friends but will fire up curiosity and encourage the listeners to search further and experience more Poland after the series ends.”

Read more about the series at  www.funkidslive.com/features/where-in-the-world-poland/

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