The Shape Left by the Body

Exhibition at the Sunday Painter


6 July – 4 August
The Sunday Painter
117 – 119 South Lambeth Road
London SW8 1XA

The exhibition at the Sunday Painter presents the work of one of the most famous Polish artists – Alina Szapocznikow and Piotr Łakomy, but also Alisa Baremboym, Alice Channer and Gillian Lowndes. Their works investigate the body and its various representations as bodies of space, bodies in contact, bodies defying gravity and a form of boundary, which artists hope to overcome, It is primarly about the touch, everything physical, sensorial and corporeal, and it compares and correlate two Polish giants, and their remarkable works of art with different artists, in a way that makes the public feel often uneasy and disconcerting.
The exhibition is co-curated by Dorota Michalska and lasts until 4th of August.

Polish Cultural Institute
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