Layers of Self …how do we really see each other?

A solo exhibition of Mark Dziewulski's works


26 April - 30 April
Opening Event: 25 April, 6pm
Gallery Different
14 Percy Street
London, W1T 1DR

British artist and architect Mark Dziewulski will showcase a provocative new series of paintings and sculptures at Gallery Different, London from 25th April - 1st May 2018. This work debuted at the Biennale di Venezia
2017, where he exhibited alongside Julian Schnabel, Jeff Koons and Yoko Ono. Dziewulski has received numerous accolades and awards, and he has been published more than a hundred fifty times in fourteen countries.
For his public sculpture in Warsaw, the artist was honoured with the Gold Cross Order of Merit from the Polish Government, which was endorsed by Buckingham Palace.
While photographic portraits depict an instant, Dziewulski tests the limits of painting and sculpture to capture his
subjects’ life-force, or their ever-changing motions and emotions. Dziewulski dances between the worlds of
figurative representation and abstraction, searching for the elusive essence of his subjects. His “painted digitals”
deconstruct visual references, testing just how far interference can go while still maintaining recognition.

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