Here and There - Dominik Klimowski

Polish photographer and filmmaker at Ognisko Polskie


Ognisko Polskie
55 Princes Gate
London SW7 2PN

21 March - 4 April
Here and There - Dominik Klimowski

20 March, 7pm
Opening night
FREE, but reservation required here

March 20th - opening evening - includes a glass of wine, a talk from the artist and screening of the short film, ‘Only one Season'

As part of the Ognisko Art Series, Ognisko Polskie will feature selected work from Dominik Klimowski made over the past two decades, which relate to growing up in two quite different countries. There will also be an insight into its origins, influences, and the themes and debates behind them. Recent work takes on current events around Europe, the relationship between Britain and continental Europe, and themes of technology, isolation, and human relationships. It will conclude with the premier screening of Only One Season, a type of ‘dystopian love story’.

Dominik Klimowski is a photographer and filmmaker. He has exhibited photography and illustration work and has published a book of short stories, Welcome to the Real World. His work often deals with memory, and frequently takes inspiration from his early childhood spent in Poland in the 1970s. Themes of memory, location, and isolation are most evident in his series of photographs Inside, Dreaming of Outside and his recent short film Only One Season.

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