Cantata for Four Wings

A play by Polish dramatist Robert Brutter


14 April, 6.30pm (in Polish language) and 9pm (in English language)
Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Town Hall Approach Road
Tottenham Green
London N15 4RX

17-18 April
The Cockpit
Gateforth Street
London NW8 8EH

20 April
Luton Library Theatre
St George’s Square,
Luton LU1 2NG

A bilingual production of ‘Cantata for Four Wings’/ „Kantata na cztery skrzydła“, a play by Polish dramatist Robert Brutter about living on the brink of despair, will performed in both Polish and English. Featuring traditional Polish music during the interlude, it will be a celebration of contemporary Polish culture and a fantastic opportunity for the Polish community to come together and experience a professional theatre production in Polish.

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