The Mystery of Time

and other poems.

by Anna Maria Mickiewicz


The Mystery of Time and other poems

By Anna Maria Mickiewicz

Published by Flutter Press

Publication date: August 2019

ISBN: 978-1088519028

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The Mystery of Time and other poems contains the latest works of Anna Maria Mickiewicz, a poet who lives and creates in London, UK.

These poems are reflections on the passage of time usually located in specific places that the author visited during her many journeys. The works also sometimes refer to ancient philosophy. However, with these hints to intellectual tradition, her poetry is modern, anchored in the present time.

In the works of Anna M. Mickiewicz, it is worth paying attention to numerous references to nature in which the heroes or herself as a lyricist are embedded. This is subtle poetry, referring to personal experiences and feelings that are easy to share.

The City of Writers, Orlando, wrote the following, motivating the 2013 Author of the Year Award:

“The word in time and space is like a great carpet: with platonic patterns of ideas, and threads connecting people and circumstances. And when asked the question “Why Anna Maria Mickiewicz?”, we give a metaphorical answer: in recognition of tapestry.”



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