I like you, I like you a lot

Photobook by Alicja Dobrucka


I like you, I like you a lot

By Alicja Dobrucka

Published by Kehrer Verlag

Publication date: August 2019

ISBN: 978-3868289466

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I like you, I like you a lot is a personal work about family and the experience of death and mourning. It responds to the tragic loss of the photographer's 13-year-old brother Maks, who drowned while on a scout's trip in 2008 in Poland. The pictures reveal the sequence of events in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Alicja Dobrucka's camera became a protecting shield from the brutal reality of a helpless situation.

Maks and his friends were also first generation to grow up under an increasingly Westernised culture, and the camera witnesses how they were enthralled by Western - and especially American -archetypes.

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