Released Sounds at the National Gallery

A musical journey through the European art and culture.


Friday 22 November 2019, 6.30 PM

The National Gallery

Trafalgar Square




Taking inspiration from the classical paintings, musicians Maciej and Mateusz Rychły and Elizabeth Seitz present 'Released Sounds', a unique event uniting sound, visuals and early music.  

Hear how they have transformed musical manuscripts which feature in paintings including Watteau's 'Scale of Love' and Holbein's 'Ambassadors', into traditional and folk compositions.

Formed by musician, composer, arranger, writer and cultural anthropologist Maciej Rychły, 'Released Sounds' is an instrumental, folk and early music project from Poland and Germany. 

Maciej is a founding member of contemporary Polish folk group the Jorgi Quartet, whose music has strong Celtic roots as well as inspiration from African, classical and jazz music. He has reconstructed early-medieval and ancient woodwind instruments with his research regularly published in the Polish Academy of Sciences’ publications.

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