Neosacral Art

London exhibition of Krzysztof Sokolovski's works


Tuesday 5 – Saturday 16 November 2019

Private View: Thursday 5 November 6.00-8.00 PM

Willesden Gallery

95 High Street

London NW10 2SF

Krzysztof Sokolovski is the author of the concept of neosacral art. The exhibition presents the artist’s latest works - icons and altars. In these, Sokolovski eliminates figures and narrative. His approach is extremely modern - he reinterprets the traditional icon, remaining faithful to original techniques and craftsmanship. This precision allows the works to exude spiritual and material beauty.
Sokolovski’s works can be found in museums and private collections around the world. He created several murals, of which the most important is the neosacral chapel in the convent of the Salesian Sisters in Jerusalem.

“The work of Krzysztof Sokolovski, follows the paths of geometrical abstraction, although finds its place in a completely different area, does not employ a destructive element, he does not cut himself off from tradition. Rather, it is an effort to continue it in a way that reflects its times. There is also a desire for universalization, for understanding among faiths.
(...) A limited color palette: gold, red, white and black, downplaying of the means, rhythmization of the line - all this leads to an atmosphere of peace and concentration. The art in front of us that can not be interacted with through hasty consumption. It requires contemplation. However, it is worth spending some time on it. Facing Sokolovski’s paintings, we discover something new - not so much in them, but more importantly in ourselves.”
Ewa Kiedio

Polish Cultural Institute
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