Joanna Rajkowska, ‘Chariot’

Performative and participatory workshop at Art Night Festival


7 July, 6pm

ROSE Community Club / Savona Estate

22 Ascalon Street

London SW8 4DJ/SW8 4DX

Joanna Rajkowska’s performative and participatory project Chariot invites the local community in Nine Elms to engage with, and respond to, the “multicultural vehicle” of the artist’s hand-crafted chariot — a vehicle whose long history transcends national borders and local dialects. Inscribed on either side of the vehicle are the words   عربة ‘chariot’, and غربة ‘estrangement.’ Words that differ by a one single diacritic mark. The project welcomes the local population of the estate to express their feelings and opinions instigated by the chariot, be it on immigration, alienation, community or on their dreams and aspirations

Presented by l’étrangère

Supported by Polish Cultural Institute, London

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