Invisible Hands

Jersey seen from the perspective of migrant workers in artworks by Alicja Rogalska



Monday 11 November - Saturday 7 December 2019

Jersey Arts Centre

Berni Gallery

Phillips St

St Helier

Jersey JE2 4SW



The labour of seasonal farm workers in Jersey has been an important part of the local economy for more than 150 years, yet their presence on the Island remains largely undocumented. Archival representation is usually limited to marketing material created by industry representatives, or staged photo opportunities with local media.

‘Invisible Hands’ aims to offer another perspective on agricultural labour in Jersey – that of the workers themselves.

A collaboration between migrant workers, the artist Alicja Rogalska and The Morning Boat, with support from:

ArtHouse Jersey, One Foundation, the Polish Cultural Institute and the Polish Embassy.

Polish Cultural Institute
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