Igor Mitoraj: A Dialogue Between Art And History

Works by the internationally-celebrated sculptor at One Canada Square, Canary Warf


Monday 14 October - Friday 22 November 2019


Lobby, One Canada Square

Canary Wharf





A documentary exhibition showing photographs of works by the internationally-celebrated Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj (1944 – 2014), whose works are found in public spaces in some 44 cities throughout the world. Three of his works are located in public spaces in Canary Wharf. An artist who has been called ‘A Michelangelo from the East’, Mitoraj created a body of work that combines the antiquity of Greece and Rome with a postmodern sensibility, creating enigmatic and haunting sculptures all portraying the human figure, at times fragmented, hollow, on a massive scale as well as diminutive renditions.

The exhibition, which is curated by Professor Bohdan Michalski and Dr Beata Klocek di Biasio of the Foundation for Dialogue in Warsaw, derives in large part from the first monograph on this important artist, The Works of Igor Mitoraj, A Dialogue between Art and History, text by Beata Klocek di Biasio.

Art: Igor Mitoraj, Centauro, source: canarywarf.com

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