Harvest - Pajaki and feast workshop with Karolina Merska and Zuza Zak

Day full of crafts and yum food



27 October 2018, 10am-6pm
Bridget Riley Studios
43 Dace Road
London  E3 2NG

Join artist Karolina Merska and cook Zuza Zak for this unique “Harvest - pajaki and feast workshop”
In this whole day workshop Karolina will introduce you to a rich history of unique Polish rye and straw chandeliers called “pajaki while Zuza will cook and serve delicious vegetarian snacks and warm dishes based on grains and seasonal vegetables.

Zuza Zak calls herself a "storyteller cook" whose main focus is the Polish food of her childhood. She learnt the art of cooking from an early age, from her beloved Babcias (grans). All of Zuza’s early childhood memories are intertwined with food and cooking. Her interest lies in the culture and history of food, as passed down through generations, therefore she loves storytelling as a medium for delving into another cuisine and through it, into another world.Wanting to bring Polish cooking into the mainstream and to show it in a new light, Zuza wrote “POLSKA: New Polish Cooking”.
During the workshop Karolina will show you how to create a traditional pająki structure which later will be decorated with rye straw and 5 traditional “kalinka” pom poms. “Kalinka” pom pom is made of 15 layers of hand twisted tissue paper.

Whilst making your pajaki you will be able to taste Poland through a variety of seasonal dishes including delicious dumplings, krupnik (vegetable soup with barley) and snacks (zakąski) including ancient rye crispbreads with wild mushroom butter, fermented beetroot and white cheese gzik, gryczak (toasted buckwheat pie), fermented vegetables and mixed squash with soured cream and dill. Not to mention a delicious cake and a shot of “nalewka”. Zuza will tell you all about the various dishes she has prepared and the stories behind them.

The workshop set in Karolina’s lovely studio is a great opportunity to see her other pajaki chandeliers hanging around and to take a break from busy London life.
By the end of the day you will have tasted traditional Polish food, learnt a new unique craft and take a beautiful colourful pajaki with you to decorate your house. You will also have been immersed in a magical folkloric culture that nourishes your body and spirit.

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