Fashion exhibition "Waste Not" showcases Polish talent at the International Fashion Showcase 2017

Students and graduates from Poznań’s School of Form have produced an exhibition that mixes local traditional Polish crafts with global trends such as up-cycling and slow-living.


17-21 February 2017
Somerset House

West Wing
London WC2R 1LA 
FREE but booking required

Unethical, mass-produced, fast fashion is a global reality of our times, but students and graduates of Poznań’s School of Form are finding resourceful ways to challenge it. By manipulating the ready-made, slowing the pace of design and manufacture - while delving back into Poland’s traditional crafts - they aim to lessen its destructive force. Seeking a balance between contemporary luxe and the communist-era kitsch rejected by their parents, “Waste Not” showcases their talents in sewing and construction to crochet and macramé, in a collection that mixes craft, tribal aesthetics and global trends, embracing the “LOCAL/GLOBAL” theme of the IFS 2017.

Designers featured in the exhibition include: Agata Birek, Agnieszka Tomczak, Anna Kujawska, Jagoda Fryca, Kasia Kwiatkowska, Michał Wiśniewski, Natasza Rogozińska 

"Waste Not" is curated by Wojciech Dziedzic, Agnieszka Jacobson and the exhibition is designed by Beton studio. Organised by the Polish Cultural Institute in London, School of Form Poznań, and Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

Exhibition “Waste Not” is part of International Fashion Showcase 2017 presented by Mercedes-Benz. Organised by the British Council, British Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz in association with London Fashion Week, IFS 2017 will take the theme of Local/Global


Agnieszka Tomczak currently studying in the final year at the School of Form in the section Fashion Design in Poznan. Agnieszka often using traditional techniques and modern methods of design creates a modern silhouette. In her works often used second-hand clothes and gives them a new value. An important part of the creative process are humanities research. Typical elements of her works are simplicity, ability to connect and neatness. Her collections are consistent through the details and joints in macrame technique to distinguish the value of tradition and knowledge of past generations.

Michał Wiśniewski is currently studying in his senior year at the School of Form, in the Fashion Design department, in Poznań. His works have been presented during the Gdynia Design Days, in Goethe Institut in Warsaw and Kabuki Theatre in Minsk. Strong feelings for a Polish heritage let him to explore traditional crafts and iconography. Moreover, Humanities such as anthropology or sociology which are crucial part of the designing process. For him, textiles and traditional craft techniques are the starting point of every project. Works which are presented on the exhibition are  parts of the BA graduate collection.

Natasza Rogozińska is a Fashion Design student, currently finishing her senior year at the SchoolOf Form, in Poznan. Her works have been presented in i-D magazine, she also took part in organizing several fashion shows in Poznan and right now she is working in a duo on an interactive multimedia show, which will combine contemporary dance movement, fashion, photography and modern art. Her strong opinion about fast fashion, consumerism and condition of today’s world resulted in concern about using second hand materials and clothing, but also in paying attention to psychological and sociological factor of every project. For her the designing process is about noticing the emotional value of clothing and it’s importance in creating new stories and projects from the old ones.

Kasia Kwiatkowska is in her senior year at the School of Form’s Fashion Design department in Poznań.  Her works were shown at Gdynia Design Days. She also collaborated with Polish Dance Theatre and designed for Marcin Motyl's contemporary piece „Plan”. In her works she researches the connection of body and movement, combines it with humanities such as psychology to finally capture what’s invisible and transform it into 3D pieces. To create new shapes and structures she often uses recycled fabrics and combines them with traditional craft techniques such as macrama or embroidery, experimenting with scale and different materials. Her graduation collection „Entaglement" is based on idea of disturbing influence of mass production and advertising on an individual and how it affects one’s body, mind and personal space.

Jagoda Fryca, lives in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, graduate BA Fashion Design at School Of Form, Poznań. Currently a student of MA Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. I am a designer and qualified musician. More often than designing I observe the world of objects and the world itself. I work in between the fields of textile, fashion, scenography and performance.  Still waiting for much more. I consume. I watch. I research. I play. I win. I fail. I think. I am a writer and fashion lover.  Always fascinated by the future, present, and the past. Last but not least, I am also the founder of Prymitywy.

Agata Birek. Born in 1988 in Poland, young fashion designer not afraid of experimenting. Graduated from SCHOOL OF FORM – university educating future designers, where I found out that fashion is the essence of my life. Perfected my skills in Meyer & Mortimer on Savile Row in London designing man’s suits and gained useful experience working in LPP as a men’s shirts designer. I am actually focused on developing my own clothing brand.

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