Fairy Tale Mania

Polish fashion house La Mania teams up with artist Marco Perego for a unique collaboration


17 February, 10am to 6pm
Royal Academy of Arts,
Burlington Street, London

14 - 29 February
Royal Opera Arcade Gallery Showroom
5 Pall Mall, London


For the first time ever in the UK, La Mania – the Polish fashion house under the Honorary Patronage of Karl Lagerfeld - and Galerie Gmurzynska will present a multimedia event the Fairy Tale Mania. La Mania will premiere Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 collection during two weeks exhibition under the patronage of the Polish Cultural Institute and honorary patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London. The exposition will be presented on live models acting as sculptures, mannequins, hanging structures and multimedia all within and around the major artwork by acclaimed Italian artist Marco Perego. 

The exhibition as a whole is a celebration of the great symbiosis that art and fashion combine. Thanks to fashion and art, a flirt with all worlds become possible. It can improve one's mindset, and bring joy. It is a sequel of childhood, a channel for personal expression. It invites innovation and creativity, but more importantly it provides a tempting escape from the mundane. At times a contemporary fairytale, fashion, art manages to seduce reality and create Alice's Wonderland, and however cliche this may sound, it does help dreams come true. The collaboration between La Mania and Marco Perego expresses the inseparable creative connection and the main direction of La Mania. The music for the exhibition has been composed by outstanding Jan A.P. Kaczmarek – the author of the Oscar winning music for the film “Finding Neverland”. 

The event is part of the International Fashion Showcase project organized by British Council and British Fashion Council as part of London Fashion Week. 

For more information about La Mania please visit www.lamania.eu

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