Expansion by Zieta

Polish designer at London Design Festival 2018







17-23 September 2018
Arthill Gallery
Ground Floor
Lourdes Apartments
North End Road

"Expansion" is a story about the development of the company, products, finishes and technologies. This is a tale showing where we started and where we are going, told through experiments, prototypes, objects and sculptures that led to the creation of new projects and the company's evolution.

The works presented at the exhibition are an image of the design evolution. The Plopp stool was just the beginning, which along with the technological idea contributed to the creation of many projects: Chippensteel chairs and mirrors from Tafla and Rondo lines. We will also present bionic G-Table and G-Console in various finishes, architecture-inspired J-Chair and sculptures that are an effect of consistently developed artistic vision based on our own technology.

The first objects were powder-painted or polished. Today our works are hand-crafted with high quality cattle leather, topped with the noblest varieties of stones and wood. Mirrors are covered with a special coating creating a phenomenal gradient on their surface. We have developed a breakthrough technique of thermal coloring that uses high temperature to give the objects an amazing tint ranging from a beautiful golden color to an intense deep blue.

The exhibition will last from September 17 to September 23. The opening of the exhibition at 17th September will be accompanied by a vernissage in the Arthill Gallery. Don't wait up and save the date!

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