Edward Krasiński's retrospective at Tate Liverpool

In this first UK retrospective, learn more about Krasiński's humorous personality, great sense of irony and how this influenced the art he created.

Edward Krasiński, Intervention 15 1975

21 October 2016 – 5 March 2017

Tate Liverpool 
Albert Dock 
Liverpool Waterfront
Liverpool, L3 4BB

Tickets: £11 Concession £8.80



Sculptor, painter and creator of artistic installations and happenings, Edward Krasiński was one of the most significant Eastern European artists of the 20th century. 

Born in Lutsk, now part of Ukraine, Krasiński had an experimental approach to art and exhibition making.  Using everyday objects in unconventional ways, Krasiński’s work challenged traditional art forms and blurred the distinction between art and everyday life.

Highlights include Krasiński’s suspended sculptures that often appear gravity defying in their combination of invisible wires, visual puns and trickery, an exploration of the artist’s preoccupation with blue adhesive tape together with re-stagings of his major Interventions.

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