Edward Hartwig (1909 – 2003)

Highlights to include over 80 well-known and rarely seen photographs

Edward Hartwig, Portrait of a Friend, (1960)

13 March – 17 March
London’s Specialist Auctioneers

25 Blythe Road
London W14 0PD



A rare occasion to see works of Edward Hartwig, who occupies an important place in the history of Polish photography, and has had a deep influence on many generations of photographers. The critics usually agree that Hartwig's work cannot be classified within a concrete period, because it is a product of different aesthetic and stylistic periods which the artist has been connected with and which are so different - from romantic impressionism of the `20s to abstract and conceptual tendencies of the `60s and `70s.

Edward Hartwig was active over 50 years as a practitioner and champion of the medium. 

He successfully combined photography with graphic art, and was equally fascinated by the subjects of trees and landscape (particularly the Polish landscape), man, the theatre and architecture. However, in all of his works he captures the intensity of the moment. 

Hartwig was convinced that artistic insights in photography can only be gained by applying innovative perspectives and creative methods. In order to enhance the dynamism, expression and structural impact of his works, he used – particularly in his black and white photography – intense contrasts of light and shadow and combines real elements with the purely abstract. His interest in the pattern of nature, as well as its fragments, characterized by severe realism or dreamlike quality displays the variety of his artistic output.


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