Axis Mundi - The Quest for Meaning

An exhibition by Henryk Terpilowski and the Pieregonczuk Sisters


Friday 26 July - Saturday 24 August 2019

(Opening times: Monday - Thursday and Saturday 10-2PM, Friday 2-5PM, Sunday 11-1PM and 6-8PM. Closed Monday 29 July - Thursday 1 August)

Opening event with performances - Saturday 27 July, 1 - 5PM

The Stables in Exile Gallery

St.Catherine's Church

Dollis Hill Lane


London NW10 1QB


Artists Marta Pieregonczuk, Urszula Pieregonczuk and Henryk Terpilowski explore the notion of the Axis Mundi, which can be interpreted as a ‘fixed point’ that helps us to find and orientate ourselves in our surrounding reality.

The axis mundi was uniquely placed in the circle of the sacred; it was the revelation of the holiness in the secular space. It made the world inhomogeneous in which spirit and matter mutually penetrated each other.

What was axis mundi in the past and what is today? How do we find meaning in our lives despite the freedom that modernity gives us? 

Through their sculptures and installations Henryk Terpilowski and The Pieregonczuk Sisters bring the results of their investigation to The Stables in Exile at St Catherine's Church, Neasden.

During the opening of the exhibition, performance artists Christina Lovey and La Liana will present a specially created experimental performance piece relating to the theme.


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