WESELE / WEDDING A one-woman participatory cabaret

Preceded by Seminar Talk, part of UCL Festival of Culture.


Friday, 7 June 2019

Seminar: 6.30pm

Show: 7.30pm

Rich Mix

35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA


Wesele / Wedding written and performed by Margot Przymierska, developed with and directed by Patrizia Paolini is a participatory cabaret extravaganza rooted in the European tradition of absurdist political comedy with a Polish-English love story at heart. It’s the last Polish-English wedding before the Brexit-imposed borders close around the UK, sealing it off from the rest of Europe. The MC invites the guests to take part in wedding games and Disco Polo singalongs in a bid to keep the international community together. She needs this wedding to go off without a hitch. Will she succeed?

This comic (and at times dark) collage of authentic and fictional migrant stories told by a real-life wedding MC uses stand-up, storytelling and physical theatre modes to subverts cultural and gender stereotypes we are all imbued in. The show examines and challenges the role of tradition, religion and family bonds, and investigates how they shape society’s perceptions of itself and the ‘other.’

Przymierska's approach combines rigorous research, own experience, and the words of real-life and internet friends to write and perform this unique show. Peppered with Polish and Esperanto, Wesele / Wedding explores a possibility of whether popular culture can bring us together. This show takes place on the exact day that the UK leaves the EU - it proves stunningly current, and familiar in the stories and reflections it’s sure to provoke.

With an all-female creative team on board including Director Patrizia Paolini, Esperanto writer Ariel Bonkorpa and Producer Martha Rumney, Wesele / Wedding foregrounds women's perspective in the political, societal and performance making discourse.

This show is preceded by a discussion panel on the following: European identity after BREXIT curated by the students of the UCL School of Slavonic & East European Studies (SSEES), part of UCL Festival of Culture. How has BREXIT impacted our perception of Europeanness? How are the stereotypical portrayals of the European experience in the UK’s mainstream media impacting our lives? To what extent are stereotypes promulgated about European traditions, religions, cultural and gender specificities and family values shaping (or distorting) our identity? Can popular culture or art help in the creation of a shared European future? These are the questions to whom we will be searching for answers with our audience and panel of European university students from University College London (UCL).

Organised as part of UCL’s 2019 Festival of Culture, this panel discussion will set the context for ‘Wesele / Wedding’ Playing host to a wealth of award-winning authors, iconic artists, emerging talent, international writers and leading thinkers, UCL’s fourth Festival of Culture offers opportunities to engage with the ground-breaking ways in which UCL research challenges social norms, confronts the past and helps us to think critically about the present.

This event is supported by Arts Council England and Polish Cultural Institute.

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