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Voilà! Europe
Various Venues

The festival Voilà! Europe is in its 5th year and has spread across London, engaging more companies and audiences. Two project involving Polish nationals living in the UK are included in the programme.

14 November, 8.45pm
Applecart Arts
170 Harold Road
E13 0SE London

Rootlost is a bilingual Anglo-Polish piece about identity and belonging. This one woman show explores the life of the artist, Magdalena Krohn, Polish born but uprooted at a young age to travel to foreign lands with her family, in the 90's - when Poland was turning towards the west in haste to detach itself from the Eastern Block and capitalism became a way out.
Magda has reinvented herself multiple times to fit in the various cultures she grew up in, seemingly in control of her identity, whilst still hoping to boast her polish culture which sometimes felt irrelevant in the eyes of the world. After years of living in the UK and coming to terms with her own identity, Brexit has yet again thrown a spanner in the works... Rootlost delves into the interwoven histories of a fragmented family and a country in transition.

Crossing the Line
15 November, 7pm
18 November, 5pm
The Cockpit
Gateforth Street
London NW8 8EH

Crossing the Line is a genre-bending choreography with speech, inspired by archive footage found in documentaries, film and TV of people physically crossing borders, verbally crossing the line, and metaphorically going to and fro between two adjacent spaces.
The cast of 7 includes artists of all ages and accessibility, who will perform the collage live on stage, curated by the Anglo-Polish duo Margot Przymierska and Nicholas Morgan. This striking show is one of the festival's favourites, being a unique piece of engaged theatre that has been commissioned by the company with Voila! Europe in mind.

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