The Bald Soprano

Play by 59 minutes Theatre at Edinburgh Fringe


Monday 19 - Saturday 24 August, 20:50

Venue 231

Greenside @ Royal Terrace - Jade Studio

1b Royal Terrace, EH7 5AB



They say a human is born with the certain amount of words he is going to use through his life. So if you use words senseless you waste your life.

Bald Soprano a play shown by 59 minutes Theatre is a completely senseless story, with senseless  dialogues, and senseless characters.

The whole lack of sense is used to remind us about decent communication.

The whole play is a real jumble: not only plot that does not exist, but also the Polish actors who come to Edinburgh to play in English a drama written by Romanian playwright.

Easy to get confused, but the only thing that has sense is that confusion. It makes us think about communication.

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