Sh*t Happens

Performance by Patrycja Dynowska at Camden Fringe


Wednesday 14 August - Sunday 18 August 2019, 7.15 PM (5.30 PM on Sunday)

Camden People's Theatre

58-60 Hampstead Road

London NW1 2PY


Sh*t Happens is a multidisciplinary performance exploring the taboos and challenges of living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, drawing on personal experience of one of the more than 300,000 people currently affected in the UK.

The performance deals with the awkward and often embarrassing subject in a light and humorous way that is not deprived of its importance and seriousness. Through the use of technology, autobiographical stories and poetry, the spectator gradually discovers the inconvenient aspects of living with an invisible disease.

From the obvious medical symptoms to what may seem unthinkable or even silly to a ‘normal’ person, Sh*t Happens takes you on a journey to a familiar yet unknown world.

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