La Strada - UK Tour

Sally Cookson’s stage adaptation of the cult Fellini film starring Bart Soroczynski


UK Tour: 2 May - 8 July
London dates: 30 May - 8 July

With great pleasure we’d like to alert you to a very special performer
in a very special show, currently on tour and shortly due in London.

Sally Cookson’s universally well received stage adaptation of the cult
Fellini film, La Strada, is currently mid-tour in the UK playing
Bristol, Leeds, Exeter, Birmingham, Salford and Sheffield before
settling into The Other Palace (formerly the St James’ Theatre) for a
London run 30th May – 8th July.

Bart’s central performance as The Fool, one of the three leading
characters, has been roundly and justifiably praised (see press
compilation attached), and brings great verve and energy to the
production along with a multiplicity of circus skills and musical

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