Goose with the Side Dish

Cabaret based on the life and work of Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński


20 & 27 May, 7 pm
21 & 28th May, 4 pm
POSK Theatre
238 -246 King Street
London W6 ORF

The acclaimed POLISH STAGE COMPANY.UK, known for its witty and inventive adaptations of classics (most recently PAN TADEUSZ–REMIX, and ZEMSTA),
presents a poetic CABARET based on the life and work of Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski.

One of the best loved Polish poets and humourists K. I. Galczynski, (1905- 1953) was a master of many genres and a man of many contradictions. Often compared to Dylan Thomas his work transcends political changes and cultural trends, to this day inspiring artists and entertainers in Poland.
The Cabaret GOOSE WITH SIDE DISHES combines the enchantment of his lyrical poems and songs with the pure nonsense and grotesque humour of his sketches.  The characters of the ever popular “Mini Theatre-The Green Goose” come to life in order to jokingly examine the dilemma “Can a drunken irreverent clown be allowed into the Pantheon of Great National Poets?”

Devised and Directed by Helena Kaut–Howson, with music arranged and performed by Daniel Luszczki and Katarzyna Ziminska, the show features: Joanna Kanska, Konrad Latacha, Helena Kaut-Howson, Wojtek Piekarski, Magdalena Wlodarczyk and Zbigniew Sieciechowicz,    .

Performed in Polish, with detailed English synopsis

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