Foriner – monodram directed by Igor Hiszczyński

One man show at Crystal Palace


15-16 June, 8pm
Antenna Studios at Crystal Palace
Bowyers Yard
Haynes Lane
London SE19 3AN

Foriner, written, directed and performed by Igor Hiszczyński presents a story about his childhood, growing up and solitude of living in a foreign city. Coming from Kluczbork, he experienced a cultural shock, comparing his small home town with bright lights and fast live in a monstrous capital city of the UK.

Hiszczyński works at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław with his international theatre group, Nucleus Studio. He is doing Master degree in Acting at the University of East London. Foriner had its premiere in London in January, and now it is presented to the English public again, before Hiszczyński will set off for Berlin and Rome with his monodram.

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