Exploratory Music From Poland, part 2

Part od EMFP tour including Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris and Tokio

Wednesday 5 October 2011, 8pm
Cafe OTO
18-22 Ashwin St,
Dalston E8 3DL
Tickets: £6 advance/ £7 on the door
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Mikrokolektyw (Artur Majewski – tr, Jakub Suchar - dr)
Tomasz Choloniewski – percussion
Konrad Geca – video, electronics,
DJ Lenar – turntables, electronics
Rafal Mazur – acoustic bass guitar

EMFP is an on-going presentation of the most inspiring and interesting music recorded, performed or composed in Poland. The main focus is put on improv, modern composition and experimental electronics, as well as on creating live situations throughout Europe involving collaborations of Polish musicians with their local counterparts. 2011 will see an EMFP touring to Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris and Tokio.

Mikrokolektyw have been making waves on the European music scene for the past 6 years. Known for their high energy, electronics driven, acoustic jazz the duo of drummer Kuba Suchar and trumpeter Artur Majewski came together from the ashes of the Polish jazz supergroup Robotobibok. As a duo their stripped down style has become almost impressionistic, organically building compositions from improvisational elements. Having shared the stage with Chicago jazz heavy weights like Fred Anderson, Nicole Mitchell, and Rob Mazurek’s Exploding Star Orchestra, not to mention international artists Matmos, Fennesz, Zu, Tied and Tickled Trio, and Sao Paulo Underground, Mikrokolektyw have performed at some of the world’s greatest music and arts festivals including Chicago’s World Music Festival, UnSound Festival - Krakow, Depresja, Off Festival, STIMUL, and Eurosonic Festival.

When Delmark Records producer and filmmaker Raymond Salvatore Harmon met Mikrokolektyw in the fall of 2007 he knew right away that their idiosyncratic sense of improvisation was perfect for Delmark. Mikrokolektyw have become the first ever European Avant Jazz group to record for Delmark in its close to 60 years. This historic occasion alone attests to the level of musicianship and creative drive that can be found on "Revisit" their debut Delmark recording. The eleven forward thinking compositions album outline the complex nature of Mikrokolektyw’s sonic ideas. Moog driven rhythms accentuate the mix of genres and musical forms, bringing together disparate structures into a near-futuristic whole.

DJ Lenar is a sound artist linked with the Warsaw-based independent label LadoABC. As a turntablist whose musical practice subjectively explores all styles and genres, from modern composition to improv to field recordings, he uses a DJ set up, loopstation, vinyl records and a laptop. He has performed with John Tilbury, Axel Dorner, Noel Akchote, Sainkho Namchylak and Le Quan Ninh among others. On the daily basis he works as a sound engineer for documentary films.

Percussionist Tomek Chołoniewski completed his studies with the highest note at the Academy of Music in Kraków. His interests are particularly focused on improvised music. He cooperated with the Beethoven’s Orchestra, with whom participated in many premiere performances in Poland, Holland, Germany and Italy. He has performed a number of times in the Cracow Audio Art Festival and on series of concerts of electronic music of Electroacoustic Music Studio In Cracow and many of chamber pieces. Performed with many Polish and European musicians and dancers: Amareya Theater, Frederic Blondy, Richard Boulanger, John Butcher, Marek Chołoniewski, India Czajkowska, John Edwards, Charlotte Hug, Joan Laage, Phil Minton, Tomasz Stańko, Raymond Strid and others.

Multidisciplinary artist Konrad Geca makes electronic music and video art based on field recordings collected for almost 10 years now. After long time of using laptop for music production, now he prefers to improvise armed with dictaphones, fm radio, effects and a laptop plugged into mixing console, which is actually his main instrument. In his recent project "Based on a True Story" scenes and sounds of everyday life are mixed to create blurred, glitchy picture without a straight message, giving audience total freedom of interpretation.

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