With Music into Independence

Series of concerts celebrating #PL100


13-21 October 2018
Various Venues, UK
Full list of concerts here

The main aim of the project With Music unto Independence is to celebrate the centenary of Poland regaining her independence, but also the promotion of Polish musical culture abroad, as well as broadening knowledge of the scope of Polish hymnal and patriotic songs. After regaining its independence, Poland didn’t have an official national anthem between 1918 and 1927. At that time, a number of unofficial anthems were sung: Bogurodzica (Mother of God), Boże coś Polskę (lit. God Save Poland), Warszawianka (The Song of Warsaw 1831), Rota (The Oath) or Dąbrowski’s Mazurka. During the preceding period and at the time of regaining independence, there appeared a number of interesting hymnal forms and patriotic songs which laid claim to the title of national anthem or anthems of military formations.

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