Sutari and DRO on Tour

Polish and British folk ensembles on tour across the UK


10 – 16th July
Various places across the UK

Poland’s Sutari and the British band Dead Rat Orchestra, two extraordinary avant-folk ensembles joined forces for the UK tour, exploring the cultural impact of Polish and European migration in England. They will be performing together in different locations in England, in Polish immigration centers. Through their performances and engagement with British, Polish and European communities in these areas, they will lead audiences in a discussion about the cultural impacts of the UK leaving the EU.

Sutari is a trio consisting of three creative minds – Kasia Kapela, Basia Songin and Zosia Zembrzuska. They are each from different musical and theatrical background, keeping up with tradition of home-made folk music. Their compositions are based on Polish and Lithuanian folk songs, and they are particularly inspired by the sound of Lithuanians Sutartines.

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