Polish/Lithuanian/English hybrid of music and visual arts performances

DJ Felicita live at Rich Mix


26 October 2018, 8pm
Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6LA

Lithuanian Culture Institute invites you to discover a hybrid of music and visual arts performances.

Come enjoy the premiere of two amazing electronic acts, the audio-visual Vilnius Energy act and an over-boarder music producer and DJ Felicita (PC Music).

Vilnius Energy is a duo consisting of the poet, avant-garde rap artist and copywriter Žygimantas Kudirka and the jazz and electronics musician Adas Gecevičius. The two artists will perform a new breed of electronics in hybrid English, Lithuanian and artificial languages, accentuated by striking visuals.

Anglo-Polish producer Felicita (PC Music) will envelope you with choppy electronics, into a world of  resembling something like ‘an animated Pixar film, set in medieval Poland with its characters, stories and materials’, that are all embodied in the choppy beats of Felicita.

While the narrative Vilnius Energy is slightly ironic (their name borrows the title from the former state-owned, now privatized company Vilnius Energy), Felicita is more sincere, yet similarly cryptic, creating abstracted ‘Slavic aesthetics’ by revisiting traditional Polish musical narratives and reviving them through his hyper cute hardcore beats.

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