Mira Opalińska: J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations

A Polish pianist with a style that’s hard to pin down.


21 December, 7.30pm
Glasgow City Halls
Glasgow G1 1NQ

The Goldberg Variations is among Johann Sebastian Bach’s most monumental works for solo keyboard instrument. The iconic opening Aria—a haunting sarabande—gives way to 30 strikingly diverse variations built upon the initial 32-bar bass-line and its implied harmony.

As formidable today as it was when first published in 1741, this Baroque masterpiece demands from the performer great virtuosity and restrained sensitivity in equal measures. Indeed, Bach’s enduring genius is in his unrivalled ability to reconcile dry academic and instrumental technique with transcendent beauty; mathematical perfection with profound compassion.

Mira Opalińska is a unique and captivating pianist, with a style that’s hard to pin down. Fusing a classical foundation, ever-curious spirit, and natural flair for spontaneity in improvisation, her music belies categorisation. 2016 brought about a return to her classical roots, in particular the rediscovery and further exploration of J.S. Bach, culminating in the 2017 recording of that most challenging of keyboard works, Goldberg Variations.

The new album is to be released on Eleven Kinds record label on the 21st December.

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