Mazolewski Quintet at Jazz Cafe

Polish jazz ensemble plays at the legendary jazz venue


21 September, 7pm

Jazz Cafe

5 Parkway

London NW1 7PG

Wojtek Mazolewski’s Quintet is the most influential and inspirational jazz group to come out of Poland for a long time.

Playing 60 concerts in Polish cities to promote their last album Polka, the Quintet are a bonafide phenomenon on the Polish music scene.

Mazolewski himself is a Polish jazzman of the premier kind, on the one hand drawing on the classic sound and recording techniques, a musical heir of the internationally appreciated classics of Polish jazz; on the other, an artist creating music which is fresh, comprehensible for the young audience who listen to new sounds.

Wojtek will be appearing on the latest Wah Wah 45’s compilation Allo Love: Volume Seven, out later this year.

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