Jozef Kapustka Recital - new improvisations for piano solo

Following the release of a CD “Improvisations with Bashir” pianist Jozef Kapustka presents his “Improvisatio III”, “Improvisatio IV” and “Improvisatio V” in a series of recitals in some of London’s most popular concert venues.

Copyright: Sanaz Khosravi.

Wednesday, 10 June, 1pm1
St Olave

Hart Street
London EC3R 7NB

Following the release of a CD “Improvisations with Bashir” (DUX/Naxos 2013, with Bashir Faramarzi, Pedram Khavarzamini, producer: Sanaz Khosravi) pianist Jozef Kapustka presents his “Improvisatio III”, “Improvisatio IV” and “Improvisatio V” in a series of recitals in some of London’s most popular concert venues.

As Roger Thomas has described it in the International Record Review, Kapustka’s ” extensive solo piano workout is a fine example [of contemporary interest in the Eastern musical tradition], its slowly developing, restrained extemporizations building sonic structures that seem to shimmer like desert mirages”. Luc Nevers of the “Pianiste” review (France) called Kapustka’s improvisations “hypnotizing”, pointing out to an interesting discovery on the contemporary classical music scene.

The present set of three new improvisations moves away from the rich, diversified tonal palette and polyphonic/polyrhythmic structures of their predecessor, towards distinctively minimalistic, silent and purified approach, using restricted motivic movement and static flow as main means of expression and narration. “Improvisatio III”, a Baroque tableau where characters of unequal standing are disputing the single tetrachord, commenting chorus in the background, is followed by the towering, celestial structure made of massive sonic blocs, each vibrating with different intensity (“Improvisatio IV”), and freely flowing, plaintive, silk threads of “Improvisatio V”. The event itself has something of a shamanic, trans like ritual, clouded in a mystic contemplation and abandon being at times a rough invitation for a rollercoaster ride.
In the United Kingdom Jozef Kapustka has been recently heard in Franz Liszt Piano Concerto No.2 with the Leamington Symphony Orchestra conducted by Jenny Barrie. Valentine Smith of Stratford Herald reports: “For many the highlight of the evening was Liszt’s Piano Concerto No 2 in A Major. The new Holy Trinity grand piano was expertly played by guest soloist Jozef Kapustka and with the Leamington Sinfonia providing accurate support, this was a real treat, the resulting ovation was heartfelt and deserved.”

Polish-born Jozef Kapustka graduated from New York Juilliard School, where he studied with Josef Raieff and Jerome Lowenthal; and London Royal Academy of Music, studying with Martin Roscoe. Besides his solo piano career that has taken him to all corners of the globe, faithful to the ecclectic agenda he is currently working on a Yiddish revival project with singer/actress Barbara Suie. Jozef Kapustka lives in Paris.

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