EFG London Jazz Festival 2017 at Jazz Café POSK

Maciek Pysz, Jerzy Malek Quartet and many more



EFG London Jazz Festival 2017
Jazz Café POSK
238-246 Kings Street
London W6 0RF

11 November 2017, 7.30pm
Maciek Pysz & Daniele di Bonaventura + Krzysztof Kobyliński

In this exciting new collaboration Maciek Pysz and Daniele di Bonaventura explore the exquisite soundscapes between the bandoneon and acoustic guitar. This is a special meeting of two musical worlds and cultures blending jazz, world, folk and classical music. These two composers reinterpret existing material of their own, and explore music of other composers such as Ralph Towner. The distinctive pairing of these two instruments allows the performers to indulge in the space afforded by the lack of a rhythm section. Listeners can expect intimate, heartfelt and energetic music played with conviction and panache. They will be playing material from their upcoming album "Coming Home" recorded in May 2017.

The concert will be opened by a solo piano performance by distinctive Polish pianist Krzysztof Kobylinski who blends folk, jazz and world music in an unique way.

17 November, 8pm
Alex Roth's Future Currents + Kasia Witek's "one wall of me"

Future Currents is the electric guitar ensemble formed by composer Alex Roth to explore the full range of the instrument's sonic potential. Bringing together members of Troyka, trioVD and Blue-Eyed Hawk, the group features three of the UK's most acclaimed improvisers, each of whom is known for a distinctly contemporary approach to the guitar. Together they create new music of extremes, informed as much by composers like Morton Feldman, Frank Zappa, Olivier Messiaen and Richard D James as by pioneering guitarists such as Fred Frith, Robert Fripp, Marc Ducret and Bill Frisell.

The ensemble's eponymous debut EP, a collection of experimental miniatures with post-production by fellow guitarist Matt Calvert (Three Trapped Tigers), was released last year and runs the gamut from expansive soundscapes to minimalist textures and intense noise.

Completing this interdisciplinary double bill is a new performance by Polish-born, London-based dance artist Kasia Witek. Taking its name from a line in Ted Hughes's poem Wodwo, in which a mythical creature questions its sense of self and belonging, one wall of me investigates and celebrates the intelligence of the body. An original score devised by Alex Roth draws on the deep sonorities and physicality of two double basses - played live by renowned improvisers Olie Brice and Ruth Goller - providing an integral counterpoint to Witek's highly physical choreography.

18 November, 8.30pm
Jerzy Malek Quartet & special guest Leszek Kulakowski

With influences from European folk musics, Polish trumpeter Jerzy Malek is joined by fellow countryman, pianist Leszek Kulakowski in an electrifying set of new music.

Multi-award winning trumpeter and composer Jerzy Malek return's to Jazz Cafe POSK for an exclusive London performance. Considered as one of the best Polish trumpet players of the moment, Małek is inspired by rhythmical elements of European folk, contemporary influences and new concepts of harmony. In 2012 he was nominated for the Polish Phonographic Academy Award 'Fryderyk' in the category of 'jazz composer / arranger of the year' and 'jazz musician of the year' and has recorded 5 albums including critically acclaimed 'Air' (2011), and 'Stalgia' (2014).

For the LJF Jerzy has invited fellow Polish jazz pianist Leszek Kulakowski to perform an evening of jazz focusing on the dialogue / love affair... between piano and trumpet.

Expect an electrifying set of original and melodic compositions accompanied by a dynamic line up of his favourite musicians from Poland. NOT TO BE MISSED!

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