What Not To Do... with Antonia Lloyd-Jones

Edinburgh International Book Festival




Monday 27 August, 3-4pm
RBS Imagination Lab
Age 6-10
Book online


Come and meet author and translator Antonia Lloyd-Jones for a lesson in What Not To Do with a variety of everyday objects. Translated by Antonia from the original Polish, the How Not To manuals are extremely funny, with brilliant pictures. Come and hear more and have the opportunity to create your own idea for the manual.


How Not To (Podręczny nieporadnik): written by Wojciech Widłak, illustrated by Paweł Pawlak, published by Czerwony Konik

Antonia Lloyd-Jones is a full-time translator of Polish literature. Her published translations include fiction by several of Poland’s leading contemporary novelists, including The Last Supper by Paweł Huelle, for which she won the Found in Translation Award 2008. Her translations of non-fiction include reportage, literary biographies and essays. She also translates poetry and books for children, including illustrated books, novels and verse. She occasionally takes part in translation conferences, reads her work at public events, and interprets for the writers whom she translates at literary festivals. Last year she participated in Translation Nation, a project to teach primary school children the value of knowing languages. She recently mentored a younger translator, Garry Malloy, within a project run by the British Centre for Literary Translation, and initiated by the UK Translators Association, of which she is currently a committee member.

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