Locomotive/The Turnip/The Birds’ Broadcast by Julian Tuwim

Thames and Hudson’s new edition of the 20th-century children’s classics


Release Date (Amazon.co.uk): 24 August
ISBN 978-0-500-65097-4

This Polish classic book invites us aboard a steam train as it chuffs and puffs out of the station carrying giraffes, elephants, bicycles, umbrellas and a trio of men, all eating sausages. Just like the 1938 original, this edition also includes a well-loved folk tale about an enormous turnip and a hilarious story of chatterbox birds who can’t agree on anything.

“I was fortunate enough to have this book as a child. The typography and bold art deco illustrations still look fresh, dignified and beautiful after 80 years! I’m so grateful that works like this are preserved and republished, so that they can continue to inspire.’ - Oliver Jeffers
(fragment from the back cover)

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