Life out of this world: how the Holocaust shaped Stanisław Lem's writing –

– in conversation with Wojciech Orliński, Lem's biographer


Saturday 27 January, 4-5pm
Clapham Library
Mary Seacole Centre
89 Clapham High Street

FREE, including Children's Zone: arts & crafts activities for children aged 3+

Stanisław Lem (1921-2006) is one of the most acclaimed Polish writers. His books have sold in millions of copies globally and were turned into independent and Hollywood films, becoming the science fiction genre-defining classics.

But is it really only the future that concerned Lem? Solaris, Tales of Pirx, the Pilot, The Cyberiad, or The Star Diaries – they are all full of horrifying catastrophes and terrifying behaviours, both of people and robots. They convey the experience of ultimate indifference to suffering and inability of the surviving witness to fit to a normal world, whatever the latter is.

Lem had never wanted to talk about either growing up in the wartime or his Jewish background and how it might have had influenced him. Perhaps his books do it instead.

Come and join Wojciech Orliński to talk about the influence of Lem's own traumatic past on his writing and his philosophical and ethical legacy. Born in Warsaw, Poland, Orliński trained as a chemist but has devoted most of his professional life to writing about science fiction, as a journalist, writer, and blogger. His most recent book is a best-selling biography of Stanisław Lem Lem. Życie nie z tej ziemi (Lem. Life not from this land, Czarne 2017).

This event is brought to you in partnership with Stockwell Partnership/Poles Connect project and Lambeth libraries marking International Holocausts Memorial Day, 27 January 2018.

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